What Kind of Person Do You Want To Come Out of This Being?

I’ve seen a few circulating social posts about how we do not need to “use” this time. We do not need to finish that script or that book, we do not need to get into the best shape of our lives, and so on. In today’s podcast, Paula posed the question to us, “what kind of person do you want to come out of this being?” Not what do you want to accomplish but what kind of person do you want to be.

When I graduated from preschool, all of us were told to take turns letting our audience know what we wanted to be when we grew up (we are talking about accomplishments here). I remember feeling a tinge of panic because I had no idea how to answer that. How weird of a question, I thought. Who do I want to be? I am already me. Also, my friend Claire said she wanted to be a flying barbie so try coming up with something cooler than that? I think not.

Most of the kids said a teacher or a doctor. You know, the usual. I honestly struggled with this question until about three years ago when I started, only half-jokingly, answering the question of “what do you see yourself doing?” with “living.”

Too many of us have placed our identities in the hands of external factors, spending our time accomplishing in return for validation and acceptance. We fill our minds with speakers, books, and podcasts that tell us to sleep when we’re dead, that we need to be doing more, that we have as many hours in the day as Beyonce and Oprah. We seek to be pushed and we crave doing.

From the moment we are born, most of us are surrounded by the energy of accomplishing and doing. Soon, our systems send us off on a journey to find an identity, as if we lacked one to begin with. We spend the first part of our lives chasing a certain identity only to realize something is missing, only to realize that even with as much control as we have exerted, there are empty spaces inside of us that the “doing” has not been able to fill (sometimes known as a midlife crisis). The next part of our lives, maybe, we spend trying to realign ourselves to who we were in the first place, with who we already came here as.

Right now, during this time, as Mother Nature grounds us, can we pause?

Can we give in to the stillness? Can we surrender to this moment? Can we surrender back to ourselves?

Do we want to continue the external chase of neatly crafting our identity? Or can we sit in this uncertainty and allow it to happen? I invite us all (you+me) to let go of the control we never really had and trust in our own unfolding. It is time to breathe, to allow this shift to occur as it needs to, to sit with ourselves and listen.

Before society told us we had to be someone and before we felt less than for not knowing the perfect answer, we were ourselves. We were exactly who we were meant to be. We are exactly who we are meant to be. We are not here to collect trophies and likes. We are not here to gain approval.

We are here to be. To let the universe unfold around us and within us. To intentionally connect back with our hearts and breathe life back into them. All you have to “do” is surrender to this moment, that’s it.

No drastic shifts need to be forced into place, just take some moments to reflect in the silent spaces we now find ourselves in, and just be.

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