What is She Here to Teach Us?

For many years I went through varying levels of depression. In the early stages, even the thought of leaving my b

ed was painful. I was an empath with zero energetic boundaries and too much codependency for other people’s suffering. When humans around me were not doing well, I struggled. When I witnessed those close to me give their energy away to gossip I would feel completely a

nd utterly drained, like it was time to go back to sleep to recharge. I felt it all, all of the time.

I spent the first half of my life relentlessly asking my spirit every last question. Why was I stuck in the pain? What was the message? How long would it last?

Sooner or later I got my answers.

From the years of darkness, this is what I know for sure: The Universe has a plan. The Universe has our back. The Universe knows what She is doing. Everything the Universe puts on our path is for us. It was hard and I felt groundless and hopeless for so long but I will say that looking back, everything makes sense. There were days when I found myself completely broken and utterly hopeless. There is no way I would have been able to predict where I am now compared to where I was then. I just had to trust. It was the only thing I could do.

I understand now that d

uring that time, the Universe was trying to level me up. I came to Earth with the powerful mission of assisting others on their healing journeys. In the journey of realizing my soul’s contract, I had to have my mind broken down so that I could strengthen the will of my heart and be guided closer to the truth. I had to feel the pain that other humans caused each other to understand that they had their own journeys to complete, just like I did. I had to sit in the darkest depths so that I could be stripped of everything but total connection to spirit.

When times get scary, hard, *extra* uncertain, painful and confusing, we must ask ourselves: “what is She here to teach me?” We must ask this, detached from what the answer may be, and always knowing that we are held. We must ask this on behalf of our spirit’s journey. We must ask this question and surrender into trust even if darkness is all we can see. Especially if darkness is all we can see.

This my friends, is our initiation. She is trying to uplevel us. We’ve been ignoring ourselves and each other for too long. We’ve reached a collective tipping point and we’ve been asked to reassess. There is a shift

that is now taking place that will propel us into a deeper awakening. Be here for it. Transitions can be painful and even scary, so we need to remember to be extra present and breathe a little deeper.

This is the first time it has happened at this scale in this lifetime, in this timeline. Some of us do not know what to make of it and that is ok. However you are feeling, feel it. Our emotions are our greatest teachers, they will guide us through this, we cannot ignore them. Whatever comes up for us, bring in an enormous amount of self-compassion and wrap love around every single breath. We are moving into deeper consciousness. We are moving closer to ourselves.

We must learn to hold space for ourselves during this time. We must allow ourselves to show up differently every day. We mu

st cultivate our relationship with the Universe and surrender deeper into trust. She has shown up for us.

Breathe in….Hold it….Breathe out. What is She here to teach us?

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