About Breathwork

Our breath is our anchor back into the now.

Through manipulating our breath for a sustained period of time, we are influencing our physiology and thus directly impacting our mental, emotional, and physical states. We are using our breath to create space between ourselves and the emotions that keep us trapped in mental loops.  


We are living in an overstimulated, hypervigilant, and highly traumatized society and as a result, the majority of us are operating under “fight or flight” mode. While this is a natural response in some situations, it is not normal for our nervous system to constantly be working on high alert. 


The average human thinks around 60,000 thoughts per day that we are consciously or subconsciously reacting to. Through breathwork we are giving our minds permission to pause and inviting our bodies to rest, release, heal and ultimately thrive


Through breathwork, we put our brains on pause. We completely let go of the thinking mind and breathe our way fully into our bodies - where all of our emotional memories are stored. Most of the anxiety, stress, and fear we take on are born out of the narratives we place around the sensations that we feel. Through breathwork, we are letting go of the stories and opening up space for these suppressed sensations to be acknowleged and freed. 


If you have breath, you have the full capacity to come back into a state of total peace and presence. Before our society’s conditioning reached us, we were present, loving, intuitive, spontaneous beings. Through our breath, we are coming back home to ourselves. Through our breath we are coming back home into our natural state of joy and expansion. 


Beyond reaching higher states of mental and emotional tranquility, breathwork is incredibly powerful for our immune systems. By intentionally increasing our oxygen intake we are raising our ph levels which helps strengthen our immune systems. The deeper we breathe, the more oxygen we take in and the more carbon dioxide we expel. By decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide that gets trapped in our bodies through everyday shallow breathing as well as how much cortisol we release into our systems, we are giving our immune systems the space they need to rest & strengthen.

Breathwork is for you if: 

✔️ Your meditation practice is not going as deep as you would like it to

✔️ You are hungry to tap into higher levels of peace

✔️ You feel trapped in your mind and/or confined to your body

✔️ You want greater access into your spirit's wisdom

✔️ You have trouble letting go at night and experience sleep issues

✔️ Are ready to release any societal conditioning that keeps you playing small

✔️ You feel "stuck" 

✔️ You are on your healing journey and ready for the next step

✔️You want to strengthen your connection with your intuition


If you have any questions at all, ask away! Email Community@PrettyMental.Com

If you are ready to jump in and experience the transformational power of our breath, I am ready to guide you! Book your session below: