About Pretty Mental 

Hey family! It's Valentina & Paula Sinisterra- we are two Latina sisters on a mission to demedicalize & decriminalize the human experience and mental health journey. We are here to help push forward a loving narrative that normalizes being human. Adequate mental health care in this country has historically been predominantly a privilege of the White and wealthy few and we want to help contribute to an alternative social model by giving all humans free access to evidence-based mental health tools & education on a weekly basis.


For those of you who don't yet know, Paula is a mixed media artist and a Psychotherapist who integrates Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness to work with her clients at the Anxiety and Stress Management Institute. Valentina is a trained Breathwork Facilitator, Blogger and Brand Strategist at Rebel & Reason. Both Paula and Valentina are students of the Vipassana meditation method as taught by S.N. Goenka.


Shout out to our parents Patricia and Oscar for being their wild unfiltered selves and thus giving us permission to do the same. Your raw relationship with life has encouraged us to dive in, create, and explore. 

The next stop on our journey is through our Pretty Mental podcast which is available on all platforms now. Our episodes air every Monday at 6 am EST.


Get ready, we don't hold back.

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